We’d love to work with you. To get started, we’ll meet with you to gather information and assess your project scope. We’ll provide a formal Statement of Work with an estimate of the tasks necessary to get the job done, and the schedule based on our resources available at the given time. We charge hourly and only for the hours worked.

Our goal is to step into your team and hit the ground running. We’re used to becoming members of teams for short-term and long-term projects for a variety of clients. While we work as an internal team from our office in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have experience working with companies all over the country and globe.

Avalon Group is a service provider, not a temporary staffing agency. Although we work on clients’ premises, as well as at our offices, we are committed to a team approach. Thus we ensure that the broadest range of skills is available to our clients and that we can flexibly adapt to our clients’ changing demands.

For inquiries about working with us, contact info@avalongroup.com.

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