Don’t take it from us: our clients know us best! Here are some of the things our clients have to say about working with Avalon Group.

I’ve worked with Avalon Group for many years and have consistently been impressed with the value they add to the various development teams I serve. They’re not “just a vendor”, they are a crucial team member for our company.

Amy, International Product Manager
Fortune 500 Company

Avalon Group is a secret weapon for software developers, engineers, and innovators. The high quality documentation and organization skills that they offer are second in value to none. The unique part about their staff is the ability to not only organize and polish information, but to digest its actual meaning and contribute to the direction and outcome of difficult and complex activities. I have worked on projects that would likely fail without their support.

Dan, Principal Software Engineer
Fortune 500 Company

The Avalon Group team has an amazing ability to follow highly technical conversations, identifying the most relevant points and capturing them accurately. They are true multipliers – leveraging their experiential knowledge to add business value to many aspects of our work, reaching far beyond the documents they are creating.

Jill, Digital Operations Manager
Fortune 500 Company

Avalon Group provides superb technical documentation services. I have worked with them for many years and the quality of work and level of professionalism of the staff are second to none.

Nader, Software Project Manager
Fortune 500 Company

Sonja and Avalon Group have been vital team members for two software development project teams I have led. They are always professional, provide high quality documents in accordance with the project schedule, and have mastered our business processes and requirements in order to anticipate future needs of the projects. It is a great help to me as a project lead to work with a company that owns their work and always delivers!

Melissa, QC Scientist
Fortune 500 Company

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